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Environmental Policy

Fio Gaz company has adopted the principle of being environmentally friendly in every process it is involved in, from customer demand to post-delivery activities in all its locations in Turkey.

Our aim is to provide a sustainable environment for future generations and living things and to protect natural resources.

As a requirement of this great responsibility on us;

Complying with the relevant obligations of the applicable national and international legal and other conditions,

  • With our activities to increase the environmental awareness of all our employees and stakeholders,
  • Evaluating the environmental risks that may occur and opportunities for improvement for all production and service processes within the company, and implementing the relevant actions,
  • Carrying out activities to measure and minimize the environmental impacts arising from processes,
  • To minimize the negative effects of our products on the environment at every stage of the product life cycle,
  • To use natural resources efficiently, to increase recycling and recovery, with a sustainable environmental approach,

We are committed.

With this;

For continuous development with TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management system;

  • By planning measurable goals,
  • By realizing activities in order to achieve these goals,
  • By monitoring the processes and controlling the compliance of the system with the relevant audits.
  • We aim to provide the PDCA cycle by focusing on the identification of our areas open to improvement and improvement.