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Medium Pressure
Natural Gas Stations

 Medium Pressure Natural Gas Stations

Medium Pressure District or Customer Station

Our scope of supply includes::
  • Engineering, Design
  • Procurement
  • Welding, Assemby
  • Sand Blasting and Painting
  • Testing (Hydrostatic , Radiographic XRay, NTD ,etc)
  • Functional and FAT
  • Electrial and Automation Erection (PTZ Volume corrector ,External Power and Communication Panel, etc )
Station Designed:
  • Double Lines Design (Each of them in %100)
  • One Working and One stand by
Basic Feature And Consist Of;
  • Inlet Pressure Ranges Vary P:25-6 barg ANSI300-150
  • Outlet Pressure Ranges Vary P: 4 and 0.3 barg ANSI150
  • Capacity Ranges Q :50.000 and 200 m3/h
  • Inlet and Outlet Connection Ranges: DN:50-600 mm
  • Inlet Ball valve , FB Trunnion or Floating mounted, RF, lever or Gear Operated
  • Cardridge type Filter with Diffrential Pressure Indicator
  • Pilot or Direct Operated Regulator with Shut off Valve and switch
  • Turbine or Rotary meter depending on Q min measuring flow rate
  • PTZ type Electronic Volume Corrector with Modem
  • Outlet valve , Butter fly valve with wrench lever
  • Optional SCADA or Telemetry Applicatioon for remote monitoring and control
  • Stainless steel or Alimium Cabinet onto steel frame
  • Inlet & Outlet Insulating Joint Mono Blocks