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Natural Gas Odorization
and Filling Services

Natural Gas Odorization And Filling Services

Natural Gas Odorization and Filling Services

Fio Gaz has been dealing with gas odorization of both natural gas and LPG for many years. The company specializes in thiochemistry, i.e. sulfur chemistry. Given to the high olfactory impact of these chemicals, it has been used for many years in the distribution networks of natural gas and for the odorization of LPG as well.

The most used products in the natural gas field are:

  • THT (tetrahydrothiophene): our brand name Scentinel T and mixtures of THT with mercaptans (thioalcohols) whose main component is TBM (tert butylmercaptan): our brand name Scentinel TB.
  • The most used product for LPG is Ethylmercaptan: our brand name Scentinel A.

The logistic of the shipments is organized by our filling station located in Izmir , where Fio Gaz stores these products in bulk, through our vehicles authorized to transport critical substances according to the ADR rules, mandatory in many countries (Turkiye for instance).

The service of dropping the odorant directly in the customer’s tanks is done through a special device which allows an odorless operation on customer’s site.

Some deliveries are done through stainless steel returnable drums, together with the service on site mentioned above, an environmental friendly approach.

This way to ship is active in the geographical area reached by our trucks.

Shipments in countries far away from our range of direct deliveries are made through other vehicles, normally oversea.