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Ohs Policy

Fio Gaz company considers human as its most valuable asset and in this context, it adopts occupational health and safety as the first of its most basic values.

Our aim; In the processes from the arrival of the order to the delivery of the order to the customer and then supported by the service; To be an exemplary company in terms of the value given to human by ensuring that all stages of the activities carried out are carried out in a healthy and safe working environment.

As a requirement of this great responsibility on us;

  • To create a healthy and safe working environment; In this context, as all Gemsat employees, we always examine all activities as a third eye and take steps to improve processes and systems in the light of this, in accordance with the Gemsat spirit, with the participation of all employees,
  • Determining and evaluating the risks arising from our operations and processes with the aim of zero work accident and occupational disease; Eliminating these risks and/or reducing them to an acceptable level with the studies carried out, and ensuring the elimination of possible dangers and threats,
  • To see and fulfill all legal obligations and other conditions regarding occupational health and safety as an opportunity for our company,
  • Allocating the necessary resources to ensure occupational health and safety and ensuring its continuity,

We are committed.

With this;

For continuous improvement with the TS EN ISO 45001 OHS Management system;

  • By planning measurable goals,
  • By realizing activities in order to achieve these goals,
  • By monitoring the processes and controlling the compliance of the system with the relevant audits
  • We aim to provide the PUKO cycle by focusing on the identification of our areas open to improvement and improvement.